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Whatcom Day Academy is a non-sectarian, independent school with no religious affiliation and no outside control over the curriculum.

The school gives students a solid foundation in basic skills AND fosters critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, empathy and compassion, self-confidence, effective communication, citizenship, and scientific expertise, along with cultural and global understanding, all for less than it costs to educate a child in a public school.

The average score for our middle school students is higher than the national norm for Grade 11 students in reading, math and language usage on the Measures of Academic Progress tests used by many school districts throughout the country.

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Quick Facts…

That Whatcom Day Academy is accredited as a K-12 school so we can grant high school credits.

100% of our culminating middle school students finish with high school credits in math and/or English which means they can move into higher level classes more quickly. 87% of our alumni pursue advanced placement and honors classes and take college credits while in high school. They are known in the local high schools as strong and independent learners who contribute to their communities.

That Whatcom Day Academy is a college prep school.

The education we provide gives students a strong foundation for success in college and beyond. Over 95% of our alumni go on to colleges such as Cornell, Whitman, Reed, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Washington, University of British Columbia, Western Washington University, and Stanford. Again and again, our alumni, and their families, tell us that it was their Whatcom Day Academy education that prepared them for college.

That our Early Childhood Program is accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

This stamp of approval assures parents that we offer a program of excellence, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. Our program is one of only four in the county with this accreditation and the only one that is part of a school. During our recent site visit, the assessor praised our classroom portfolios, saying they were the best she has ever seen.

That our early childhood program has been selected as a demonstration site for courses at the university and the community college.

We host an Early Literacy practicum class from Western Washington University for ten weeks each fall.  The students observe in our early childhood classrooms and participate in literacy activities. Students from Whatcom Community College and Bellingham Technical College also use our site for classroom observations and practicum placements. We were awarded a $30,000 grant to develop video cases of literacy practice in the classrooms to share with university students, parents and other early childhood programs.

That Whatcom Day Academy has an award-winning science program with faculty members who have written articles and made presentations at local, national and international conferences about topics such as early learning, class meetings, artistic expression, curriculum development, and science education.

Staff have articles and presentations published in the online Journal of Educational Controversy

That our students compete and win awards every year in regional and state competitions in history, writing, math and science.

Each year Intermediate and Middle School students design and conduct their own science experiments and many of them choose to compete in the State Science and Engineering Fair winning numerous awards and prizes. The Middle School students may also elect to do original research projects for the regional History Day competition. Last year, four of our students were selected to go on to compete in the state competition. In math, our students have won many individual and team awards in local competitions. Several students have had poems or stories selected for awards and/or publication.

That over 25% of the students at Whatcom Day Academy receive some financial assistance.